Thursday, July 21, 2011

Interesting Process

It's an interesting process to recall memories from the past. In telling some friends a story today, I wished I had a digital voice recorder to record what I'd said, because it would be perfect inserted into one of the essays.

After going through some essays that sis Kapua had in her basement yesterday, I found four more from my Grandmother that I didn't have. One of them talked about her favorite foods. Spumoni ice cream is her favorite...I never knew that, and it's one of mine! I can never find it, so if I do eat ice cream it is mint and chip or Haagen Dazs chocolate.

I've been blessed with time to write these memories and stories down. At the end of every day, I thank the Universe for the opportunity to write. Everything has fallen into place to assist me; a car (yes, a '96 Toyota Corolla with tape deck and manual windows, named Myrtle); house sitting jobs in beautiful homes; and a housecleaning job when I need money with my friend Ginger.

Life is good...

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